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The Original™ Chai Tea Latte Mix - Canister

• 10 oz. canister

• 6-Pack (6 x 10 oz. canister)
$4.99 per canister - SAVE $1.80!

• 12-Pack (12 x 10 oz. canister)
$4.75 per canister - SAVE $6.50!

Good stuff (any way you measure it).

Maybe you'd like your Me Time deliciously mellow after a long day. Or perhaps you'd prefer it extra sweet and spiced just because you feel like it. Either way—or, come to think of it, any way at all—Oregon Chai's new 10-oz. canister is just the thing.

That's because with the new Oregon Chai 10-oz. canister, you can customize your Oregon Chai experience to your personal tastes. Go for one scoop, two scoops or 1 1/3 scoops—your call.

An Original Chai Tea Latte Canister has approximately 112 mg of caffeine per serving. You may have noticed that caffeine levels vary between canisters and packets of Oregon Chai flavors. That's because each is a different serving size, which varies the levels of caffeine in your cup.


Sugar, dried whole milk, dried nonfat milk, dried honey, tapioca maltodextrin, natural flavors, dried black tea, and salt.