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Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

• 32 oz. carton
(Reg. $5.49)  SALE!

• 6-Pack (6 x 32 oz. carton)
(Reg. $31.44)  SALE!

• 12-Pack (12 x 32 oz. carton)
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Unlike those with so much to prove, vanilla oozes confidence. She leaves her plain-Jane rep at the door and sashays in to the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping gasps of her adoring fans. We start with a delightful double dollop of pure vanilla and blend it generously with black tea, honey and our exotic chai spices for a delicious chai treat.

A Vanilla Latte has approximately 30-35 mg of caffeine per serving (same as a lightly brewed cup of black tea).


Water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic black tea, *organic vanilla, natural flavors, honey, *organic spices, citric acid and *organic ginger. (*extracts)